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Plumbing & Electrical

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Make Your Home's Water Systems Sound and Durable


The water systems in your kitchen, bathroom and laundry room include clean water supply and dirty water disposal, which depend on quality pipes and plumbing fittings. Choose from a variety of pipes available in rigid and flexible materials, including copper pipes and fittings and PVC pipes with matching connectors.



Stay Connected with Electrical Products & Accessories


From outlet covers to light fixtures, copper wire to conduit, there are a wide variety of electrical products available. Need a new circuit breaker to prevent overloading or short-circuiting? Looking to conceal the cord from your wall-mounted TV with a cord management kit? This is where you’ll find everything you need to keep your home powered up safely.


NEBO Products​


Our NEBO product selection includes their innovative, consumer-friendly flashlights and lighters. They produce the highest quality LED lighting products so that you can keep making and doing.

TRUE Knives​


The TRUE line of products are multi-functional tools that fit in your pocket, allowing you to tackle anything without having to quit, disrupt or postpone your daily activities. We offer the Fixed Blade and Keychain Knives, allowing you to do a lot with a little, no matter where you are.

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