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Storage Solutions & Home Organization 

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Maximize Your Living Space with a Neat and Organized Home

Shelving & Shelving Units

When it's time to tackle clutter, there are a wide variety of colours and sizes that hold different weight loads. Units can have adjustable shelves that allow you to vary the height, and wheels for easy portability. For a family room or dining room, wood shelves or floating shelves offer aesthetic appeal and can be stained to match your decor. For your garage, a heavy-duty plastic or steel shelf might be the best choice. Wherever your home organization project is, you'll feel better once items are neatly stored.


MAXIT 24" x 12" x 48" 4 Shelf Light Duty Black Poly Shelving Unit

Storage Bins & Boxes

Getting ready for a big move or looking to do some spring cleaning? Our selection of storage bins and boxes will help you organize and declutter:

  • Plastic storage bins are great for heavier items that you don't need all the time, such as seasonal decor.

  • A plastic tote will keep your out-of-season clothing or shoes in good condition and neatly stowed away.

  • Stackable storage containers make it easy to store items in smaller spaces like your garage or attic.

Storage baskets and bins come in many sizes and are ideal for everyday household items. With the right storage solutions, home organization is a breeze.

Storage Bin.png

STERILITE 14L Latch Clear

Storage Box

Closet Organizers

Keeping the closets in your home organized will help reduce clutter and make it easier to find things when you need them. We have a variety of shelves and bins that come in rectangular and square shapes that take up less space and spark more joy:


  • Shelving kits to easily space out your items.

  • Clear pantry organizers, and other open closet storage shelves provide easy viewing and access to your dry foods and kitchen supplies.

  • Wicker or woven fabric baskets or wooden crates are a more decorative option for storing items upstairs, in an exposed setting like your coat closet or living room.

  • Fabric storage drawers and storage baskets work well for socks, t-shirts and other small clothing items.

  • Canvas storage bins are great for storing clothes and blankets, while fabric storage drawers that fit neatly inside cube shelving units are perfect for playrooms.


INTERDESIGN 5" x 10-1/2" x 3-1/2" Clear Pantry Organizer

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