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Design & Decor

Interior Décor

Elmira Home Hardware has an area dedicated to our Home Design Centre, which includes our Home Window Fashions and Kitchen & Bath areas, but also a collection of must-have items to make your home feel warm and welcoming.


Hush Products

We have a variety of Hush products available to take your sleeping experience to the next level, including sheets, pillow covers, weighted blankets and throws.


WoodWick Candles

These candles have created a name for themselves, and for good reason - they make a crackling sound, just like a fire. Choose from a variety of colours, shapes, size and scents to elevate your room's ambiance.


Wooden Signs

Our signs come in a variety of sizes and sayings that are perfect as a gift to compliment anyone's personality, or as a decorative statement piece in any room in the home.


Faux Foliage

Choose from different colours, textures and lengths to add a pop of colour to your entryway or on your credenza.


A variety of vases in different colours, shapes and sizes to hold your favourite bouquet of flowers or our faux foliage.

Mirrors & Wall Art

A selection of medium-to-large mirrors to decorate your entryway or add to your accent wall.


Throw Pillows

Decorative throw pillows that come in different sizes, colours and prints — perfect for your couch, bed or outdoor seating area.

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