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Hand &
Power Tools
Built to Last

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Home improvement projects have never been this easy.


When it comes to completing home improvement jobs, using Get started on your next job with quality power tools in hand.


With a range of uses and functions, you can find anything you need at our store, including power saws for cutting through lumber and metal; drills for putting together furniture; and professional power tools to perform a variety of construction tasks. 


Some tools are better than others for specific jobs, so make sure to ask a Sales Associate and they'll be happy to assist you.

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Radley is Home Hardware's line of power tools that are versatile and perfect for your everyday projects.


Benchmark is another brand exclusive to Home Hardware that includes both hand and power tools.


Dewalt has built a strong reputation in the construction industry. Choose from the best power tools and hand tools for heavy-duty jobs.


Milwaukee is another reliable brand that can stand the test of time. Shop in-store from our wide selection of hand and power tools.

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